Blog No.2 Welcome to Spring!

15 March 2017

The energy and optimism a little sun brings is wonderful and refreshing. So many customers have come into the shop and shared the same sentiments with me this past week. I can easily understand why so many cultures did and still do celebrate the changes in the seasons especially spring! 
For florists, each season holds something special and the joys of the rare seasonally available flowers are anxiously anticipated, I love spring flowers, the perfumes from them and the colours. Blue is my favourite colour so muscari commonly known as grape hyacinths must be one of my all-time favourite flowers. Delicate, elegant and yet hardy. 
You can’t really go wrong with simple daffodils in a vase this time of year they bring so much cheer to any room, alternatively buy bulbs enjoy them in the house then plant them outside for the following year. 
What’s on my table currently: Well as I am about to move house nothing but I plan to have a planted decorative bowl packed with muscari bulbs!!





Blog No.2    Welcome to Spring!